California - The Golden State - California from A to Z - and Insurance

California, West Coast of the United States, California is one of the most densely populated states in the United States. And ranked third in terms of area,
Sacramento, the capital of California state,
Los Angeles, the largest city in California, is home to more than 39,506,094 people, with a population density of 83.85% per square kilometer.

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z
California-The Golden State

The Golden State. 
Geographically, California begins an extension from the Pacific coast to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the eastern part of the country, through the Mohawk desert in the south-eastern part of it.

California has an area of 410,000 square kilometers, and water bodies account for 4.7 percent of the state's total area. English is the official language of the state, and the state hosts a number of cities that are at the top of the nation's statistical and population densities.

the climate

California has two types of climate, Cold climate in winter with lots of rain, In the summer, the climate is completely dry


According to statistics released by the US Census Bureau in 2017, the number of California residents is close to 40 million, making it the first state in terms of population.

the cities

California is contain to eight cities of the 50 most populous cities in the United States

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z
Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in California with a total area of 1290.6 square kilometers. Los Angeles occupies the southwestern part of California, which controls the Pacific coast of the country and ranks second in terms of population density After New York at the level of American cities, with more than 4 millions inhabitants.

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z
San Diego

San Diego, also known as the finest city Americans. San Diego is located in the southern part of California. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and occupies ninth place in the United States with an area of 964,506 square kilometers, With 1,307,402 inhabitants for 2017 statistics, San Diego is affected by moderate climate, The Baron Bridge between the two parts of the city gives it a great reputation

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z
San Jose

San Jose is located in the southern part of the Bay of San Francisco within the boundaries of the Silicon Valley. It is the third city in California and tenth among American cities. Statistics for 2017 indicate that it has a 945,942 population.
It is called Los Angeles of the North because of the similarity between them. , With an area of 461.5 square kilometers.

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z
San Francisco

San Francisco is the fourth largest city in California with a population of 805,235 Its area extends to 1.213.4 square kilometers And rising from sea level only ten meters

5- Fresno

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z

The Fresno city is located in the center of California, about 200 miles north of Los Angeles and about 170 miles south of the state capital of Sacramento. It is the sixth city in California with a population of about 494,665 according to the 2017 census.

6- Sacramento

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z

Founded in 1848, the capital of California. It has a population of 466,488 According to the statistics of 2017, the city area is 257 square kilometers, Distance from San Francisco is about 85 miles to the northeast, West of Reno by about 135 miles and 385 miles from Los Angeles.

7- Long Beach

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z

Is the fifth city in California, Occupying a space in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean state, The meaning of its name refers to the long coast, The label came from the length of the coastal city, The 2017 estimate shows that the city's population is 462,257.

8- Auckland

California - The Golden State - California from A to Z

Auckland has a number of cities: Auckland City, Waitakere, Manukau, North Beach, It is home to nearly 1.3 million people, It is the largest city in New Zealand in terms of population density, The city of Auckland extends from the east of Hawarki Bay in the Pacific Ocean to the southeast, Down to the southwestern part of Manukau Port, With an area of 1,086 square kilometers.

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